B787 Light Switches missing

Many switches are missing in the cockpit of the B787.


I don’t see what you’re talking about? It looks nearly identical, just the knobs for the landing lights look different.


The switches for the landing light are missing.

Some switches such as Taxi Lights and Strobe Buttons are missing (If you can see it clearly they have some missing switches)

Great find. Although I think this may not be fixed in near future as the devs has many other priorities

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Meh, its not really a big deal for me personally. I didn’t even realize until now. It’s not like we can click them anyway. If the cockpit was fully interactive then I’d care more. It’s a mobile flight sim, I don’t expect every button and toggle to be put in there.


I see the problem, but I don’t think we really need the switches unless you want the sim to have a high of realism. Plus, the developers might have to redesign the cockpit models to add the switches, which is a waste of time. Maybe the switches will be added later when you can interact with the cockpit.

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As I said it more of a #features request than #support request in the other topic

Make an example.
And this switches we doesn’t can use. Why do we need them?

This topic should be by #features!

This does not belong in #features or #support. It should just be closed tbh.

Here’s why:
This is an issue, for sure. But it’s nothing that will be resolved in the near feature.
It definitely does not belong in #features as a missing knob is NOT a feature. The reason #features is so full of junk is because some of you think this should be there…


Thank you for the feedback and close eye. However, as many said, this does belong in #features and will certainly be something that can be revisited in the future if the B787’s are redone or require a tweak. Good eye though!