B787 Inaugural Flight @ PHTO - 111630ZAUG16

*Server: Training Server 2 ( ATC will be needed)

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHTO

Time: 1630Z

Date: Thursday 11th August

Aircraft: Any American , Australian , New Zealand or Asian B787

Cruising Altitude : 28,000

Cruising Speed : 280kts at 28,000

NOTAM: Hi community users, after the release of the brand new 787 , I was thinking to have an inaugural flight on Friday the 12th at Hawaii as we will fly from Hilo to Honolulu in any B787 and do a return flight . More information will be added.
Here is the flight plan going to Honolulu
Comment on which gate you would like to take at Hilo :

Gate 01: @TheRedeemer
Gate 02: @Daniel_Cerritos
Gate 03: @SWAPWLA
Gate 04: @CaptainJC
Gate 05: me
Gate 06: @Mix56awesome
Gate 07: @Scarebus320
Gate 08: @ericfedde
Gate 09: @FreightDog

GA 01: @tacobell1015
GA 02: @Blizzard
GA 03 Rob_Whittle
GA 04 Massimo_Perrotta
GA 05 Stephen Benny
GA 06


I can join I’ll be on a KLM 7810, Callsign PH-KLS

No problem @TheRedeemer

Depending on when iOS gets the 787 update, I may/may not go. If iOS does end up getting the update before this event, I’ll be in a Delta 787-8. I have to check if I can go in Advanced (Expert), though.

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Don’t worry

What if IOS doesnt come out by then?

I’ll push the dates

The event has pished back to the 12th

@TheRedeemer , @ClarenceTheAvgeek , @FreightDog, @SingaporeAirlines, @Swiss_Middle_eat_Air , @Max_Vreuls
here is the updated plan


Scoot 787-9 Gate 1 :)

I suppose if I can make it gate 09 :)

What time does this event start (I can’t read Zulu)? I can join, though I can play possibly later today. Any gate will do just fine, I’ll be my favorite airline: Delta [B787-8]!

Which time zone are you

Eastern time zone, New Hampshire, USA

1030zulu in eastern time for the event

In the Morning (AM) or Afternoon (PM)?

My mistake its 1230 for you in the afternoon

Oh. I’ll be able to play at that time, if I’m not busy.

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Gate 04 at Hilo

You’ve been added

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