B787 in British Landor livery

As I was looking up the Landon livery I came upon this pic.I like the livery and it would be very good on this 787.It would bethe best thing that would be add to the 787 if this was in IF one day.

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It should be added only when it exists.


I love the livery! Sadly, it’s not existed in Real life. I wish this can be real though

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But IF had add some old liverys lately.

Yes, but they have existed before. This one has never existed on the 787 and should not be implemented because of it.


Delta doesn’t have any 787’s but IF still put on there.

At first, Delta is supossed to get one in the future, but it recently cancelled once it’s already been made (Once the B787 Update is out).

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Yes, but they had placed a firm order for the 787 so it’s understandable FDS saw the opportunity. However, BA has not expressed making these liveries.

Doesn’t exist