B787 Good or Bad Performance Rating?

As i have notice since they have released the B787 people are complaining that the controls are sensitive, spoilers gone wrong, stall speeds, yaw axis etc.

Wouldnt it be nice if someone actually post the Aircraft Performance of B787 before releasing it?

Like for example i have a simple format of the performance of a PC12NG (Pilatus)

Cruising Speed: 200kts
Climb Speed: 140kts
Decent Speed: 170kts
Fuel Consumption: 7lbs/min
Service Ceiling: FL300
ROC: 1,000 FPM
ROD: 1,200 FPM

What are your suggestions?


I don’t have the update, yet. IOS :(


It wasn’t necessarily the 787 that was the problem for me. I think it was the stupid over speed warning going off at 35,000 ft at 300 knots. So I think that everyone is experiencing different things with the 787 and that there needs to be some things fixed.


The speed warning is annoying.

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How does the speed warning work? Just yells at you if you go to fast or what? Keeps your throttles from going to fast?

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In miraculous ladybug Episode Timebreaker It’s said: Time flyes when your having fun and stands still when you are doing homework.
For IF it is: time flies when you are waiting for the update and stands still when your waiting for it on iOS.
Back on topic now


Overspeed is there so people don’t fly at unrealistic speeds that would break the airframe in real life. You’ll see dots on your speed indicator in the HUD as you approach the critical speed and then when you reach it you’ll get a stick shaker sound. No device vibrate though unfortunately!


One word: iOS

I cant rate.
Galaxy S5 is too bad

You mean iOS is released? OMG

I don’t know if anyone else have notice but the Appr won’t turn on at 50℅ load when the airbus a320-19+18 family is maximum is around 75℅ load.

Isn’t about load percentage, it’s about being overweight. Above MLW

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No, it’s not. I was saying that I dorm have it cause of iOS.

That sounds normal to me.

Well i did a test flight of the B787 a while ago when i turned off the Auto Pilot the plane suddenly pitched up too high that i went to a stall when i turned it back on my descent rate was showing at -1,259 FPM, but instead of descending i was climbing i dont know if its the plane or my device, anyway lucky me i didnt crash 😆.

Ya, philippe explained it to me and I get it now. :)

And to add, its really annoying for controllers to have to deal with aircraft entering a pattern at 600kts.

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True. It’s also annoying when they literally zoom above me while I’m climbing.

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