B787 flaperons spoiler

I don’t know this has been taken out after updated or not but it still not working…
The spoiler (above the flaperons) still pop up after landing…

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Yeah spoilers if armed will pop upon landing

I noticed that in the 787-8, the spoiler above the flaperon deploys a little bit, in the 787-9 and 10 deployes completely. The flaperon doesn’t deploy on landing in the 3 planes…

Shouldn’t the spoiler above the flaperons NOT to be pop up?

Exactly, this is a known issue and it still appears…

Laura stated that this is the way it will be for now. They were unable to fix it for certain reasons.

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This was addressed already
The software that FDS uses to develop this game won’t make this possible

I hope this doesn’t happen : (

I agree, I remember when they teased the wing view and this happening. Someone made this known to Laura and she said she would fix, but apparently not. In the grand scheme of things, it is a minor setback to an amazingly developed plane by the Dev’s.

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