B787 family weight question

I am not able to take a lot of cargo when flying the B787 family. On all other long haul aircraft I can take around 15-16 tons of cargo with all my fuel and pax and my total weight is still below MTOW. However, when I do the same configuration with the 787 the total weight is above MTOW so my question is how can I have a realistic cargo weight with the 787 but still be below MTOW?

I’m talking about the 787…

When you fill up the 787 tanks and pax it isn’t really designed to take 364 pax in a 21hr flight its mabye more 150-200 pax and fuel. However someone who knows the 787 more than me is welcome to add on to this

Edit: I’ve spawned in to test my numbers and it seems that with full tanks can only take another 7 tons before it’s over MTOW so its probaly a case of pax or cargo you choose with max fuel

I always take the same number of pax as the real plane. I usually take around 14-16 tons of cargo. I can’t fly with 7 tons of cargo. What am I supposed to do?

You could take less fuel but that’s a last resort. What route are you flying?

MMMX - RJAA. Realistic route

So I’ve checked FPLtoIF and you need 80tons of fuel so the most I can get is 149 pax and 16tons of cargo so it’s less than 100kg off the MTOW. I would experiment and see what feels right for you.

27tons of Pax and cargo to play with on the B788 so it’s up to you really

This doesn’t make sense. I think there is genuinley a problem with the weight on the B787 family

You are using a very high cargo load actually. Most airlines allow at most 46kg free baggage in eco class.
The fuel estimator in IF usually gives numbers much lower than the plane is capable of.

BTW I think you are trying to use the 788 right?
The 789 is fine with fuel and weight for sure.

As I said my calculations are correct the problem is with the plane

Yep, the B788

Are you sliding pax count to max? That would cause the problem you are describing since that is the load of an all eco configuration.

I’m using the same number of pax as the real flight so not full pax.

250PAX and full cargo still gives me room for 14:20 fuel which is just enough for your flight. I don’t see why you would be carrying more PAX than that.

That’s not enough fuel for my flight

That is enough. The estimate in the fuel screen is less than the actual capabilities of the aircraft. It does not take into account the lower fuel flow at lower weights.

Even if I may have enough fuel, I would like to know if this is normal as I feel that i should be able to take more cargo onboard

If more people could explain that would be greatly appreciated

There is the possibility that the MTOW weight is not consistent to the real life numbers. I’m not sure though.