B787 cockpit covered text

There is some text that you cannot see above the two buttons.


What´s wrong?

Yeah what’s wrong

Oh my seriously

Is it the blur?

There is some text that you cannot see above the two buttons.


So? What’s wrong?

That’s incredibly picky


Seriously I came into to this post just fir blurry textin the cabin. It’s not a problem it’s not even serious

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My God. The devs work so hard and you are picking on these little small things, you should be ashamed.


There’s bigger problems like missing flap settings to worry about on the 787-9.

Don’t worry about these texts and buttons, the important is you’re flying 😂


No one is going to come look at the game and say that it is bad because of that…

Let it go.


I didn’t say that the game is bad because that’s missing

I am pointing out that there is some text that you cannot see above the two buttons.

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Okay so it’s not the biggest game glitch ever but the poor guy’s just pointing it out. Everyone be friendly, no one needs to be talked down to over such a harmless post.


Ashamed? everyone here needs too calm down… he has every right as a paying customer and a member of this forum to point out a bug or issue that bothers him or can make the game better, even in the smallest way. the Devs have already mentioned there will be bugs and issues and they are not perfect… regardless no one on this forum has a right to tell someone to be ashamed or put someone down!



I know your question is sensible but let me ask you do the instruments even work? No is the answer so why would do you even want text written on buttons lol I hope those developers don’t see this because it’s really funny lol.

Nothing to be ashamed about or scold for. You have to chill, a mistake by devs isn’t unheard of and since it’s a little bug, better to fix it now to get it over with.

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