B787 Celebration event @ ICAO - DDHHMMZYY

Server: Based on vote

Region: Global, if not added will be Seattle

Airport: DXB-AMM, If no GF will be KPAE-KPDX

Time: Unknown

NOTAM: We will celebrate and welcome 787 unknown event procedures and updates, stay tuned

NOTE: 1. We will celebrate 787 and Global Flight IF ADDED
2. This is NOT OFFICIAL EVENT Don’the mix up

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@CptNathanHope I belived this should be in #live:events

Keep this in #live until you have all the event details.

Global probably won’t be added with the 787. It probably isn’t anywhere near done. And yes, this does belong in #live

Well, I understand Nathan’s english

I will keep it like this for now, any updates I will edit the post

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