Each time when I fly on 787-9 my IF apps quits at 2h-27m - 2h30m of flight time and I have to start from the beginning. I tried 4 times, but all these flights have the same issue. I have screenshot of my logbook if needed. Other aircrafts are ok. Scenery cash is cleared, phone memory is enough. My device - iPhone 6s , iOS 12.1.2. Please assist and let me know if any additional info required. Thank you.


One thing to consider is your internet connection. Are you properly connected?

Yes, I’m sure that connection is well each time. The most interesting is that it happens at almost the same flight time

Hi Konstantin,

The 787 is a popular aircraft so this issue doesn’t see widespread to me. Let’s review your current in-app settings and device settings to clarify some things in the troubleshooting process.

  • Do you have limit frame rate enabled?
  • Reset your router recently?
  • Do you allow notifications from background apps? Do not disturb may be a good setting to utilize for those longer flights where you aren’t watching over your device for every second.

In a worse case scenario if the steps above haven’t resolved your issue then you could try deleting the app completely and try installing Infinite Flight again.


Have a look in this topic. It is mainly about android, but there was a guy on iOS 12.1.2 having the same issue after the OS update, just like you. It’s not related to the aircraft unfortunately…

My theory on this is that both the android and iOS security update has an issue/bug which leads IF to quit before reaching or going over 3 hours of flight time.

@schyllberg second reported long haul issue on iOS 12.1.2 I know of.

There seems to be an issue for some users after updating to iOS 12.1.2 as well as installing the December 2018 security patch on android, but it is not aircraft related unfortunately.

My ipad mini 2 has worse specs than the 6s, but it is still capable to run IF on reduced graphics settings.

As a comparison, my ipad has 12.1.1 installed and managed to fly from Toronto to Stansted without any issues logging over 6.5 hours flight time. So it’s definitely not down to device performance.

My theory is that there’s a bug in the system updates for both ios and android.

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I have a mobile phone that is the latest version of Android, the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and there are currently no problems in the IF, including long-haul flights.

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@chaoMan It’s a bit offtopic on here, but what is your security patch date?

December 1, 2018

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Well, thank you all guys, it looks like everything is ok now. I turned off anti aliasing, on low power mode and managed to fly 8 hours route EGLL/CYYC.

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The issue is not resolved. My assumption this is refers to the flights which have a duration more than 10 hours. Will my data be saved if I delete and install the app again? (Subscription and progress)


Yes all data is kept backed up as long as you log into your IF Account!

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So as I can see from the topic you provided, reinstalling the app is unhelpful. I’m able to make the flights up to 10 hours, but if it’s more than 10h., IF app quits in 2.30 h of a flight time.

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This is something I did not take into consideration! The Toronto-Stansted flight was less than 10h, so I’ve had no issues. The Heathrow-Sydney was way over 10h which I’ve used in the tests (but got bored not getting anywhere really), hence I’ve changed it to the shorter one. I have a look into this again! Thanks!

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Hi @Konstantin,

I’ve set up a flight in the B781 from Heathrow to Sydney last night (on charger) and decided to let it continue when I went to work and everything went fine until the battery got to 20% ,when I had to manually end the flight to survive the day. :D
The flight itself was way over 10 hours…
8 hours and 9 minutes logged, with around 11 hours remaining.


I still have my webview process killed as I couldn’t find a working solution to restart it (except factory resetting my phone which I can’t do until tomorrow).

So, the show must go on and I’ll keep trying.

I’ll get back to you Wednesday the latest!

In the meantime, the Toronto-Stansted in the Air Canada A330 quite doable! ;)

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