B787-9 Not keeping altitude, stalls every time

Oh, Didn’t know that, Thanks anyways

Yea over the MLW isnt really a great idea at 400

Id rather keep this in support

Also, try to not reach this weight, in the real life the 789 isn’t loaded fully in this fight

I don’t know if anyone has watched their ground speed as they’ve climbed to the service ceiling, but very often, it peaks and then begins to fall again. There’s no guarantee that FL400 is the fasted flight level under all circumstances.


I watched that fall and I’m like “Nah I’m featured on Air Crash Investigations Infinite Flight Edition”

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I see planes on flight radar (787) that climb to FL430 in one climb but when I try to do it in IF it just stalls…

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Yea I attempted that

Well, they could be doing a slow and steady climb.

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Are they on a long haul like QF9 or as heavy as it? And I’d love to know where you see a 787 on Flightradar at FL430, Could you please provide the tail number of that plane so I could see it?

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I’m gonna try this QF9 flight again

here ya go, remember the 787 has a ceiling of 43,000ft

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The B787-family cruises typically at M0.85, but the economical speed, which is basically to save a little bit of time and fuel too then M0.87 is used. When Which Airline and What Reasons are behind for a 787 to fly at .87 is unknown to me, as that can depend on various factors from weather to delayed flight to airline operations.

But the B787 does not fly any slower than .85 as that speed is what you’re supposed to aim at and fly at basically every time though 0.87 is not wrong, but I don’t know in which situations a pilot would choose to fly that little but faster.

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But still, even if you flying at .87, a certain altitude, with a certain load factor, you will still stall, thats’s this earth’s physics for you ;)


The one in the picture could be really light. I see more -8s do it than -9s and -10s, and usually with about ~3 hours or less left in a long haul. I’m not sure what TUI’s load factors on that route are. It could be a 787 because it is the only plane that can both fly the route and make it profitable with a small load.

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Wasn’t discussing weight, was just trying to show him that 787s do cruise at FL43.

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I gotta say that’s actually a really cool feature.

Yes I have seen that but they climb at like 1000fpm maximum

All the way through? Thanks will try it out like that usually climbed about 1800fpm

I personally rarely fly that high but when I do, I lower the VS gradualy, from 2600 initially to 2000 up to FL 100 then 1400, then 1000, then 800 from FL 320 to the ceiling. It never failed me yet!

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