B787-9 flight guide

Most of my information was taken from virtual manuals for the B777, since I don’t have (nor seen) a B787 POH (thanks Max Mustang for always pointing this out).

Weight: 192,632kg (custom), round the number to 425,000lbs.

Flaps 5°:
V1: 116kts.
Vr: 128kts
V2: 137kts.
Trim: 35%.

Flaps 15°:
V1: 115kts.
Vr: 126kts.
V2: 135kts.
Trim: 36%.

Flaps extension/retraction (at the given weight) speeds:
Clean (0°): 220kts.
1°: 200kts.
5°: 180kts.
15°: 160kts.
20°: 160kts (use when overweight).
25° 145kts (I don’t have a Vref 25).
30°: 140kts (Vref 30).

Landing trim: 27%.
Idle throttle: 30ft.
Flare: 30ft.

Final comments: It may have seemed earlier that I wasn’t very grateful to FDS for the update, but I wanted to say thank you for releasing it, with all the new features available plus the wingflex.
I know every part of the FDS team works very hard to give quality things, and they’re always in contact with the community reading their questions and giving solutions, the main proof being the two hot-fixes for Android in less than two days.
Thank you FDS.


Bookmarked this!

thanks for the helpful info


No problem. PM me if you have more questions.


When do you think I should use trim, while I start approach?

I suggest when you start descending. It works only for a manually flown approach.

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alright, thanks

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what percentage is 425,000lbs ofthe MTOW?

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For some reason the 787-9 uninstalled itself from IF. Check the % by yourself, it will take less time than waiting for me to answer you.

Wait I’m a bit confused; for auto land adjusting trim is not necessary?

I’ve never used autoland, so I don’t know.

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Yeah. Probably a habit I should break too


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