B787 <3 - @infinteflight.florida

Hello yall! Happy Tuesday! Today we take a look at the beautiful B787, personally my favorite aircraft! Feedback is appreciated!

Aircraft - B787
Airline - Delta & Oman Air
Location - Colorado

All photos i post are taken by me,unless stated otherwise

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Oman Air Taking off

Delta landing, with a great gear view


Nice pictures!

Colorado isn’t an airport BTW

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good catch lol didnt realize that thanks btw (:

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The 787-8 has some great liveries, love the Oman Air shot!

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That Oman 788 yayyyyy


England is my airport.


Jokes aside, beautiful pictures. I think you should add a lens flare though. It would make it look even more realistic.


Yes its does, thanks (:

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Ah good idea (: thanks btw

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*787 and yesss

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788 is short for 787-8

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Happy Tuesday, thay are some great pics.

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Much appreciated (: