B787-10 secret

I found out that the Boeing 787-10 “Air France” livery has a small secret. Look at its reg. and you will see:

The reg. is F-CAST. Which I am pretty sure that it means Flight-Cast


They were probably the winners of the 787 Custom registration landing challenge!

That’s actually the callsign of @jasonrosewell


Confirmed. Secret is true

It isn’t a secret at all.

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No they weren’t. People with contribution to FDS get their callsign added.

Delta 788: N192WM(Joe)
American 789: N172MD(Mark)
Qantas: VH-VAL(Val)
BA: G-BERG(Henrik)
EY: A6-ICE(IceBlue?)
United: N1TJ(Tyler)
Air Europa 789: EC-CAM(Cameron)
Singapore: 9V-SEB(Seb)


The last 4 letters of Henrik’s callsign is part of the reg. on the BA 781.

I hear the Delta and American Airlines have secret tail numbers too. And the Dash 8. And the IF 318. And the 737BBJ. I hope you get my point…😀


Yeah. Yeah I do

El Al’s IATA code isn’t EY

EY is Etihad

I’m confused lol sorry about that.


There’s a N1RV somewhere 😊

Yeah thats nothing new lol…

Well… why my callsign wasnt added? 😪😭

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