B77W wing is fluttering when x5 time speed

Device: Xiaomi Poco F3
Operating system: Android 11


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its an actual bird now 😂


This is why I don’t swim in the pool anymore so the kids don’t laugh at me.

I’m pretty sure that’s from turbulence ;)

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Could it also be from the 777’s wing flex?

Correct, since the time is sped up 5x, that’s an accelerated view of wing flex in turbulence.


Lol I recognize that voice. That guy flew me to San Francisco last December :D

And @Vision_Metron_55 as mentioned above, it’s turbulence so you’re all good! :)

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There was not any wind and turbulence. This is Solo flying and I set wind and gust as zero and no turbulence. Wing don’t flutter at all by x1 speed. That is definitely Bug

It’s not a bug, it is due to the aircraft’s wingflex too, il upload a demonstration video soon.

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