B77W question [Update]

So I have a question regarding the 77W. So as you all may not know, I will be attempting my very first long haul flight. Guess u can say I’m excited 😁 So my route will be from Dubai to Los Angeles (for some reason its my favorite long haul route) Now is the 77W capable of a 14-15 hour long flight? I only ask because I feel more comfortable with the 777 rather then the A380. Also I wanted to know if anyone is gonna be at ATC at LA tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

Quick edit: I have put a really good amount of fuel to last me until I get to LA. See u guys tomorrow 😀 (if anyone is gonna be at LA)


Hey there! Tomorrow will be ATC at home which mean there will be ATC almost everywhere as IFATC lives everywhere… LAX will most likely be there but i am unsure of dubai… remember, region changes at 0600Z

As for the range of the aircraft, yes it will have the range but it will be close so carry as many fuel as possible…

Good Luck @ViperSlam


The 777 can definitely fly for that long. I do believe that flight is flown on the A380 if you want more realism.


I would fly the A380 but I’m more comfortable with the 777

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Why? 77W has less range but then the A380 has no APPR so yeah… but if you want more realism, Take the A380 Emirates

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Your Guide to IFATC at Home! June 21st

You can find the list of confirmed airports here! The 777 is capable of flying 14 hours.


I think it is a great idea to fly the 77W. At first I had trouble with the a380 as well. I still don’t like it.


I do not know if IFATC will be in Dubai but I do know that the 77W can handle that flight easy, just use FPLtoIF and it will provide you the fuel you need


I like SimBrief better

Ok, I use the simbrief option on FPLtoIF, on simbrief it would give me outrageous fpl’s with 4 waypoints

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That’s weird. Sometimes SimBrief does that for really short routes like CDG-AMS but on long hauls it’s never done that for me. Also I love that it integrates into oceanic tracks

The FPLtoIF, Simbrief integrates oceanic tracks and I can add sids and stars

The 77W has slightly longer range than the 772, however the 77L has the longest range of all.

772: 7065nm
77W: 7370nm
77L: 8555nm

15 hours would probably be stretching the limits of the 77W, but it’s possible as long as you keep your weight down.

It’s actually pretty realistic to use the 77W for this route during these times because as Emirates is strating to resume flights around the world, they are currently using only 777s.

Emirates started flying to LAX with the 77L, then they switched to the 77W before using the A380. Etihad does AUH-LAX on a 77W, Qatar does DOH-LAX on the 77W, so yeah, this route is ripe on the 77W but just keep the payload on the slightly lower side, fuel max(or around 17-18h).

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A 15-16 hour flight is no where near close to the limits of the 77W lol come on guys.

It can fly up to 20 hours depending on the number of PAX and cargo.
I flew the 77W from Dubai to Seattle (also a 15 hour flight) a while ago and I still had like 5 hours of fuel left when landing.

And in terms of realism, it’s 100% realistic to use the 77W from Dubai to LA instead of the A380 because Emirates has been operating them on this route for a few months already.


Yes,i havent flown a 14 hour flight but i have seen in flight trackers that it is possible so best of luck on your flight and remeber to land smooth and safely

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This flight is definitely possible. I did KLAX-OMAA in the same aircraft. You don’t even need to necessarily max out the fuel. ~17 hours should be good as long as you step climb.


Yup exactly, it’s wayyyy more than capable of doing OMDB - KLAX even without max fuel.


So should I use the 77L or 77W?