B77W Physics

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I want to give my feedback here, and correct me if I’m wrong please.

Devs. Attention to the physics of the Boeing 77W, it needs to be in accordance with the applied thrust. TO/GA thrust on the surface is D-TO +30°C 105.8 N1 or 100% acceleration approximately 106.7%N1. Accelerating gradually based on altitude with auto-throttle 109%N1 over FL240 approximately… In conditions ISA - The configurations are CLIMB Thrust (98%N1) for heavy, CLIMB1 (92%N1) for moderate weight and CLIMB 2 (85%N1) for weight less tham 55% of PAYLOAD and after FL150 gradually accelerating to 104%N1 in FL300. It will be strange after takeoff with a weight of 80% PAYLOAD, reduce to climb 98%N1 and the aircraft go mad at + 5000ft / m in 240kts IAS, just as it happens in the current B77W at Infinite 😂. It has to be between 2000 and 3000ft/m. I look forward to it, Because the more like the 77W in real life, Better 😃



This will probably be addressed in the upcoming rework.



Since the 77W is fairly old, the physics may be off. Good news they are reworking that as we speak


I hope for that

Are you asking for TOGA settings?

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So you are basing your numbers off of the Flight factor 777 in Xplane 11 for your assessment. You do realize that the thrust in that is monumental incorrect at all levels and that you cant compare IF to Xplane aircraft development due to the plethora of Third Party aircraft there that arent entirely accurate to begin with.


Reproducing those numbers wouldn’t be called spying on Aerofly ?

just kidding, but yeah I think everything will be handled by the devs for the rework

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