B77W Go Around - Amazing GE90 Sound

Hello everyone,

I found this video of an Aeroflot B77W going around. The sound of the GE90 is so amazing I wanted to share it with you guys. It sounds really crazy once it reduces power during the go around, have a hear for yourself!

Video credit: Flight Films (YouTube)


Pretty cool, out of all my years of flying, I haven’t ever experienced a go around. (I would like to!)


Me neither! I once experienced a missed approach far away from the runway though.

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I like the sound of it actually.😀

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Wow, I just learned something that 77W uses GE engines as well. I guess I’m so used to RR

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Amazing sound of the 77W pulling out from the ILS Runway 22L at KJFK

I paid more attention to the Canarsie Visual Runway 13L than the actual go-around 😜

oh that’s one sick sounding engine that’s awesome 100% cool

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Get out. Everyone knows GE is the best (they’re HQ is not far from me, so I always make fun of RR. 😂

Really cool video!


I’ve been in 3, all the same flight

Pretty cool. Never been on a go-around on an airliner but have done many in GA both on practice and for real

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That sounds amazing. It should have felt pretty hard on the passengers, would love to be on that plane

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My first ever flight was from Stuttgart-Barcelona in a Germanwings A320 and it ended in a Go-Around!

Wow, the GE90 “roar” is talked about so often. The best sounding engine on the 777 by far 👌
Sounds like it had gone into turbo once the power was reduced!


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