B77W | Emirates | Kotoka (DGAA) to (OMDB) Dubai | Open Beta 20.2

Hey IFC, with the arrival of the open beta I decided to make my first flight on the Emirates 77W, the aircraft is very beautiful and livery too, I just have to thank the developers for always surprising us more every day, thank you!

Flight details

server: Expert
flight time: 07:48 hours
callsign: Emirates 788 Heavy

Take off

Calm and smooth takeoff at runway 21 of Kotoka

Testing the new camera drone with a perfect view on the wing


Starting approach for landing !!!

Perfect landing on Runway 30L at dubai airport

Watching the landing of another aircraft while standing at the gate

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By any chance was that other aircraft Emirates 9962 heavy.

And know one ever responded

Great prints @Victor_Winter!

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