B77W A/P disengagement?

Hi everyone!
Today I was flying from EGLL to YSSY in a BA77W. I was about 5 hours into the flight away from my device, when I came back to check if everything was ok, I saw the terrifying “Crash” on the screen.

I watched the replay and found out that the plane had randomly pitched up over the middle east and then stalled then crashed. I didnt get any violations, but I just want to know the cause of this and how to prevent it.

Here is the replay in case someone wants to see it:


Are you 100% certain that a foreign object (items such as the case) didn’t accidentally disengage the autopilot? By the looks of it, your altitude and speed are okay.

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I am pretty sure that wasnt the case, cause I hide sidebars and plane controls when flying, so the object would have to touch the screen, then click on the AP box, then press AP again which is kind of impossible, and no, I didn’t have anyone in my family near the device. Also, nothing around the device moved during the flight.

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Can you provide speed, flaps, and trim just for reference?

Speed - M.84
Flaps - 0
Trim - Either 0 or 15
Load - around 65 - 70%

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Hmmm, this is really, really odd. Either an issue with something messing up your autopilot or bad, bad weather is what I can predict here. Don’t quote me on that, though.

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Thanks for your help anyways. There wasnt anything that could have messed the AP and I am not sure if if winds can flip over a 77W 😂

I am open for any ideas here by any members or staff, cause I really don’t have any idea why this happened at all.

Whatever happened definitely caused the autopilot to disengage, by the looks of it. Maybe your device has a ghost-touching issue not found before, maybe some dirt or water getting on the screen and glitched up the touchscreen for a second causing the disengagement, or maybe you were the first to discover a brand new bug either with the plane (Which will have a completely different built-from-the-ground-up flight model in the near future) or something with the Infinite Flight interface. I am unsure if you’ll ever find out what exactly happened simply because you weren’t there to bear witness to the disengagement live, but at least no violations were incurred due to this involuntary disengagement.


I agree. It could be anything really. Actually, this was my maybe 2/3rd time using this specific aircraft in a long haul flight. I have done many in the 200 variant but I don’t fly the 77W that often. I also checked my iPad screen after your post, it seems to be pretty clean and dry.

But perfectly clean and dry.

Do you have a screen protector in, if you do your like me where you must have issues touching the device controls, but well see

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Nope, no screen protectors or anything. And yes, perfectly clean and dry.

Did you get the error message to “check flight parameters”?

May I ask why this has any relation to the problem? He wasn’t at his device.

This is a weird situation. Looking at the box towards the end it seems like the AP wasn’t disconnected prior to the immediate pitch up. All the cruise settings seems fine too.
The only thing left is that there was some wild glitch in the game, which we obviously can’t tell from the video.

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If the aircraft “started to pitch up” then autopilot would’ve disengaged automatically. Same for low speeds, and extreme bank angles. Perhaps error messages don’t display in a replay file, however the “autopilot disengaged, check flight parameters” message means that autopilot wasn’t disengaged by the on-screen button, rather the aircraft neared a stall. Again, this was just a guess as I don’t have access to the entire replay file.

@KIND9624 said it best. Obviously it’s too late to recover the flight, but if it happens again, let us know.


Thanks all for your help. It’s appreciated.

You can share your replay file but it is impossible to tell what happened officially. 3rd party apps, faulty charger, random notifications, etc.

Try to see if there are any patterns. Put the device in a different place, etc.

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Oh! Guys, I think I have a pretty good idea on why this happened. My IFA has voice commands (which are not the best) on, proabably the Devi I’ve picked up some of my speech as “My plane” and therefore disengaged the AP. Thanks to anyone who helped. I will be trying this flight tonight again with Voice Commands off.

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