B77F airplane

Hi is the B77F in the game? If not how can I test fly it? Has shown on the YouTube vid


You can fly the current Boeing 777-200F in game using the older model if you own a subscription. Unfortunately the newer model is a work in progress and only the staff chooses the right beta testers to test fly the Boeing 777F.


Thank you for telling me

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Certainly not the “wrong” beta testers. 😂

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I wish I could be a tester too. But sure look, I am not sure if the staff choose real pilots or just smart simmers but at least they shouldn’t have Infinite Flight “left” out. 😉

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Beta Testers are chosen from staff for a multitude of things that arent available to the public. its neither if your a real pilot or a good simmer. @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

You will have to wait for the new model when the update is released @Carson_Reed


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