B777x vote

Can someone please feature the B777x so everyone can vote?

Requests have been made, but they were all closed because “there is not enough info about the aircraft to make a realistic model in IF”.

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There is now.

Where? I dont see one

I mean there is enough information right now

cough cough

Just because you personally think there is enough information does not necessarily mean there is. What you might consider adequate is probably not enough to even model the flight characteristic.

And if you can’t post the feature request, then PM someone to do it instead of making a topic about it


I don’t see any necessity in requesting the 777X now. The plane isn’t gonna go into service until 2020 and on top of that, just a wild guess here, but considering we haven’t gotten the A350 yet, I would assume that it’s logical that the developers will be focusing on that one first, potentially.

Now the 777X is still a bit away from our reach. No airline has gottten it as of now, so even they’ve begun assembly and even testing I believe already if not going to very soon, that doesn’t simply mean that the developers have all the info needed yet.

They still for various reasons don’t have 100% info about the A350, so I’d call the 777X to be further away, that seems to make sense, to me at least, don’t you think?