How to pitch the nose of the B777W in auto landing? can anybody help me?

The 777 should be pitched up slightly when configured for landing - around 1-2 degrees nose UP.

But how do I do that, in automatic landing, with APPR?

The APPR should be automatically pitching the nose up. In my experience with flying the 777, the optimum landing speed with the APPR system is right around 150. Keep in mind, this is also with full flaps deployed which also alter the flight profile.

So it is not necessary to do anything to pitch the nose of the B777W, in auto landing or in APPR??

nothing is needed apart from adjusting speed, its in the name “Auto land” it lands automatically :) you just let APPR do its thing, as mentioned above, Adjust your speed when landing


Check this out, all info on how to use APPR is here!

Okay Thanks.

You can’t or try something with the vertical speed.

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