b777s a330s bottom of the fuselage painted dark!

so as i was flying Qatar Airways 77W oneworld livery i was wondering why the bottom of the fuselage kinda look silver or dark?! at first i thought its due to the shadow and the sun being above the aircraft but looking at the same aircraft in reality it doesn’t look that dark at the bottom of the fuselage!

so i did a little test on casual server, i thought lets flip the 777 over and have the bottom of the fuselage facing the sun, and do the same test on the 787! and i got some screenshots, the 787 doesn’t look like that and you don’t even have to flip them over to find out but i did it anyway,.

using aircrafts that have white color at bottom of the fuselage, so this Qatar Airways 77W oneworld livery

its looks like its need some cleaning

same with Singapore 77W

and now Qatar Airways 787, look at how clean it is

and this how the 787 looks like normally from below with shadow

^ the 777 doesn’t look like that from below its rather have dark silver color,.


in reality

Yeah because in reality Planes aren’t clean they wear


Have you found this with any other liveries besides Qatar and Singapore?

EDIT: Seems like Emirates as well?


Same with Air Canada


The better question is… Why are you all flying inverted… the laws of physics have been broken…😱🤯

You could just move the camera to down to the belly instead of flipping the plane, but ether one works.

Other than that stuff, I’ve also seen the underside being … not clean as it is on other aircraft and I like it. Gives to you this vibe/feeling that the 777 has served a long lived life ;)


No, because sunlight needs to hit the down part.

actually its on all the 777s as well as the a330s LOL

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Or it is visible no matter the sunlight hits the fuselage or not. Seen it while on the ground as well. It is quite noticeable.

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So every all 19.1 liveries, have that

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Wait, im just going to check something

But you have shadows, so it could be confusing

Yep,A330 as well. Both the 777 and A330 were first released in 2013


I just died, but look at thisimage


It could but I’ve seen it quite a few times, especially when in areas that a re already lit up by the surrounding. Such as Countries with desert. In Abu Dhabi, if you pick out the Etihad Livery, for whatever reason, I just can not unsee the dirt then… could be just me 🤷‍♂️

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Well, you might be right.

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The A340 too,which was also released in 2013

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It’s difficult to tell but every time I fly from the Gulf states, I happen to notice it. It is somewhat hard to spot in more nature preserved nations, where the there is more greenery when on the ground. But the dirt doesn’t bother me much, I quite like it as earlier mentioned, gives off a nice vibe of how well it has serviced over the years. Maybe it is time for a real good wash or a repaint altogether? ;)

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I don’t know about everyone else but I like the ‘dirty’ look. Gives it a bit more realism I feel.

Died twice, but some interesting results

Neither the 757 nor the Embraer E190 is dirty/have shadows