B777F fuel burn

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At maximum payload (102,000kg) a Boeing 777f has a maximum range of 9200 kilometres. Infinite flight currently allows the 777f to fly much further on a full payload and full tank (within MTOW) than in real life IF says 15 hrs 45 mins.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • set Boeing 777f cargo weight to 102,000 kg and fuel to 106,500 kg.
  • climb to initial cruise (no more than 31000 feet)
  • view fuel remaining in flight data.

Expected results

Aircraft range is too high.

Actual results

Aircraft range is too high.

More Information

ZGGG-EGLL is approximately 9400km (straight line distance) this equates to roughly 12 hours of flight depending on conditions with current fuel burn there is enough range to fly 3.5 hours further than this route on a full payload.

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You will have burned very little fuel during descent - so when you land and park it may seem you still have loads of fuel left.

3.5 hours was still at cruise just before descending.

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