B777 weight.

I usually put my aircrafts wieght (B777) around 250,000 how can i calculate lowest speed with out flaps and landing speed ?

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There isnt B777

I need it in KG

Check the 4 links below the main one. They´re dedicated to the 777. I need to update the other topic.

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That is a very confusing one,i just need the same one but in KG and not LBS.

You can choose which weight to use in the lists available, you have KG at the 10th position to the left, and Pounds at the 17th position.

I got really confused can some one answer these questions
Landing speed:***
Approach speed:***
Lowest speed without flaps:***
Stalling speed:***
Please someone answer those questions.

250000kg = 551156 pounds.
Landing speed with flaps 30°: 157kts.
Approach speed:
No winds: 157kts.
With winds: add to the approach speed half of the wind component.
Lowest speed without flaps: 237kts (with your weight).
Stall speed: I haven´t found that yet.


Alright thank you !

Isn’t the approach speed suppose to be 180-170

Depends with your weight and position in the pattern (I think).

Polls in topics like these are useless.

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