B777 update

Hi I currently have no subscription but I have all Boeing 777 models will I still be able to use them once updates are out

I own the Boeing 777 200ER B777-200LR
Boeing 777-200F and the 777-300ER

The 777 models will most likely stat as they are, as only the 777-200ER is being updated. :)

Also how do you have all 777 models? Did you pay for them a long time ago, or other?

He must’ve played in pre global and purchased aircraft like I did ;)


I actually asked about this earlier since I own the -300er. Here’s what I got:

“ They have made no mention of not honoring past purchases. As long as you are using the correct linked account to the purchase it should be fine.”

So I’d say sounds like yes. Can’t wait to try this out. 😊

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Correction my man, 200Er is the first one, all models are being updated


I was referring to the next update, 20.1 :)

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Sorry I thought you meant forever 😂😂🤦‍♂️ :)

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I purchased them before global came out


Should not be any issue then. You can just press ‘restore purchases’ if it doesn’t pick up your purchases when you log in. :)

So far I kept my purchased aircrafts after reworks (A333 and A319)

Yes. You’ll be able to use any and all aircraft you have purchased, even if they’re updated. Should be no issue. One of the few things we test and look for before it makes its way to you guys. 🙂


No one knows. We don’t even know when the 777-200er is coming, so chill. I’m sure there will be varying amounts of complexity, it will happen when it happens.

Wait, did I noticed right? If I purchased an aircraft before the release of global can I still use it without subscription on the same account?

Same Apple ID/ google account. If I’m not mistaken those purchases are tied to that not the IF account.

That’s correct. What you bought, you own. 😁