B777 update to affect/corrupt replay files?


As the 777 rework is coming soon, I was wondering if the update would affect the replay mode? For instance, would the ‘old’ 777s (once the update is out) in the replay mode be converted (i.e. look like) the reworked models, or would they still look pre-rework?

And also, is there a chance that the update could possibly corrupt the old replay files which have the pre-update 777s in them, as there may be a conflict when the rework is out?

Apologies these questions aren’t answerable by most people. I didn’t know where else to ask this. Thank you, and hope my question makes sense.


The old replay will most likely display no aircraft or the new model. The Super Decathlon after the update removing it did not display on replays. The old model is being deleted so you won’t see it on that version.


oh ok got it, thanks! makes sense

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I would assume that what with the fact the replay reloads the aircraft and livery at the start, it would show the new aircraft. Your replay data saves the aircraft type and livery, so if you flew in the generic 200ER for example, the replay will load up a generic 200ER when it starts. For what it’s worth, my old C172 and pre release a350 replays still work fine 🤷


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