B777 Series Autopilot Failure

Hello, I am having issues with autopilot on all of the Boeing 777 series, I mainly use the 777 when I go overseas, I actually sleep while I am flying. But, I was flying from London - NYC (AP NAV) , when my alarm woke me up. The plane was at full thrust and going from side to side, then bobbing up and then down, I had to stop the flight. If you know how to stop/fix this, please respond. P.S I will probably use 767 or 747 until this is fixed.

Welcome to the community! What speed and altitude where you at when this happened? Can you check your replay and see when it stated being unstable?

Hi, and welcome!

The 777 series is known for having these issues. I’ve personally had them and it’s not fun.
So far the only known solution was to manually adjust autopilot to your desired altitude. It seemed that it was the only thing that decreased/solved it for a lot of people. So basically, just decrease the VS until you’re at your selected altitude.

Don’t worry, the 777 family is currently being reworked and will be released soon with this issue (hopefully) fixed, and many more features.

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Thank you for the relief I thought this would happen forever.

I was going around 320 knots and 31,000 feet, happened around 1 hour and 30 minutes into the flight.

As @anon24319801 said it is a know issue. Your flight parameters seem fine, I just wanted to check so you weren’t climbing to fast or too high etc. and that was causing it to happen

What is your trim setting?

This is a known issue within the devs. Post 39 highlights what one of the staff members have said.

Hope it helps the discussion

My trim has been set to 0% since I have ever started Infinite Flight.

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