B777 screens

This post is to ask to add / change some things that the 777 has in the game. This may require more programming but it would add more realism to the game! I hope and we can see these change in the near future

• No vspd (orange message in the PFD)
• change the color of the displayed speed to purple (currently blue)
• add ground speed indicator to PFD
• add “parking brake set” message in the EICAS screen
• add “Door” message to EICAS screen
• show speed set and current speed/mach in the PFD. By this I mean that above the speed indicator, is the speed set on the MCP (purple), and below is the current one (white)

As I say, I hope and it will be added in a soon update, taking advantage of the fact that they are working in the 777 family.

Nice! I thing you should include the crosshairs on the artificial horizon, it’s on all Boeing aircraft and brings in more realism!

Keep in mind though that there probably isn’t going to be change in the 777 cockpit.


This would be cool also if we could get IRL light settings. Light cockpit takeoff lights vs taxi cockpit lights vs night time and stuff like that


And the Clocks/Chronos


The more recent 777s don’t have clocks.

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I have been wondering also , why after all the development hard work some of this information
is not included on the PFD now. Such as the target speed on top of the speed tape as set in the AP

As mentioned in the topic post.

Is it because the various device processing head room is already pushing acceptable game play limits or just rushed ?

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The recent 777s have digital clocks in the nav display

They must have clocks. It is a requirement for IFR flight.

That is probably the case


Well guess the IF 777 isn’t old or new
because there isn’t a panel analog clock or a digital
clock in the Nav. Display. Just what is on the GPS information. What the new real 777’s have isn’t here.

So back to my thought…why not?

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I get it that NEW 777 variants are digitally enhanced.

But the GPS screen is a IF format with a clock in it.
So they just left it there to be expedient as far as i can tell instead of displaying it on the Nav. Screen.

Which is what i was thinking why do that ?

Of course they must have clocks 😂

As I know, @Laura is the only person create live instruments for all aircraft but the problem is she only knows basic live instruments (I think), other advanced live instruments like FMC, Warning Display , Flight Plan (cockpit) she can’t do or never do.

Maybe I’m wrong or not… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Don’t tag the devs, please. :)


I’d mention the dev for the first time in IFC (I got badge) so I may did wrong thing sorry 😅

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The live instruments and live cockpit appear to always be missing one or more features. Instead of a 100% application and presentation they are at 98 %
Just a few more displays and functions would be helpful .This is my opinion only and not an attack on the hard work and great cockpits we now have. Thank you developers for what you have given us to fly

Please if possible add a few more things
such as functioning landing gear position indicators and as mention before more warning messages for a few examples.

The new cockpits ARE a IF home run …but know send out of the ball park !