B777 Saudia

I doubt that the saudia livery on B777 will be added here is why.

There are fixing bugs that made them take longer to realese the update.
This is sad,no Saudia livery on the B777-300ER.


You never know, maybe they made a Saudia one but never leaked it.


Thats the same thing that I was thinking.

There are many other liveries everyone else wants too :-)

I hoping that they will add the new livery!


We weren’t expecting BBJs for the A318, were we? ;)

They don’t usually leak all livery’s just about 70-80%

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I dont seem like him,i am him.

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They confirmed other liveries like the LH Cargo livery after this post so …

And Air india B777-200LR

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The real question,will they add Saudia livery ?

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Oh wow that’s you Lol?

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