B777 Routes

I was wondering if anyone knows of any B777-200-300 routes I could do in IF? Thanks. If I’m duplicating please notify me. I don’t see anything on this though

You can use the 777-200 of British Airways between Heathrow and John F. Kennedy.

and many more!

You can fly around Paine field for a test flight. That’s the only real world route the 777 can do in real life.


Try Singapore to Kuala Lumpur!

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Is that one a real life 777 route?

No, just a long route. You can easily get to cruise with the 777.

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TAPA-TKPK is operated IRL by BA’s 777-200ER.

WMKK-WSSS is operated (sometimes) by 777’s

KPAE-KPDX seems like a Boeing 777 test flight route I think. Where they get painted and stuff.


No where😂

An actual B777-200 route is also one of the shortest!

BRITISH AIRWAYS 2157 ANTIGUA TO ST KITTS ( Caribean Region) on Wed and Sunday’s. Flight originates from Gatwick ( EGKK) however until we get global flight or inter region flight we can only only do one part of it.

Use the Search function for real life routes, there is a good thread somewhere!

YSSY-KLAX virgin Australia 777-300er

TAPA - TKPK British Airways. It’s the end leg of EGKK - TAPA

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Can that route be flown by a 777-200 from British on IF?

Yes. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

I highly doubt that.

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Check that out in the summer. I took an SQ 772 once on that route.

How could you do that?

That will be possible with Global Flight, which is a feature where you can fly to any part of the world! Currently is under development, will be out when it’s done. It will also include all the airports around the world.

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