B777 reworking

Devs im asking please dont make the B777 fly like how the B747 and A320 are flying. Theyre really jittery. I personally think the current B777 is perfect, the 300er juat needs new liveries. That’s about all.


Maybe are some things that the devs. noticed and we didn’t…if they are remodeling the 777s is for something. And honestly, the 777-200ER and the 777F need a rework (I feel their power a little weak, specially the 777-200ER). And also they need new liveries…and by the way, the developers know how to do their work, they can find some references with real life pilots, books, etc.


Also it’s getting that ground effect though and autoland which is great for some.


What ground effect?

It flys fine to me. The B747 and A320 are horrible in my opinion

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Read this for what ground effect is. I really can’t explain it.

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The A320 and 747’s were redone recently.


Noooo really 😱😱😱

Is that sarcasm or a surprised expression?

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Obviously sarcasm

Hard to tell through text.

The a320 family and 747 are more realistic than the 777. They are fixing the physics to make them also realistic.

Lol thank you

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Well that’s your opinion but I humbly think this isn’t true…i fly this aircraft and it’s super-awesome


Oli H - That jittering effect you mentioned, is the floating point bug.

I’m afraid that all aircraft suffer from this bug and at this point it’s not fixed.

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Opinions are one thing, facts another.
They’re working to improve the realism of the game. If you find that troublesome, there might be another issue that’s not related to the game. ;)

Devs are trying to reproduce at his best aircrafts performances, that’s what he does with Q400.

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