B777- Glitch / Speed Vios


I was flying the B77L. I had taken off and was 30 mins into a flight I went to go higher in altitude and change speed and my game starting to glitch. My plane ended up crashing and i got 5 speed vios.

What altitude were you at and what was your speed set to? Also, what was your load?

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What altitude were you climbing to, and what was your speed at the time, and what speed did the vios happen. Not that I can do anything about the vios though

a mod will have to remove the violations

I was climbing to FL 330. I cant remember what my load was but it was in the middle of MLW and MTW. I set it to Auto pilot, went and to do stuff. came back 30 mins later and was crashed with 5 speed vios.

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What was your speed set to?

I was climbing to FL330 Speed was set to 310

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Okay. So you hadn’t reached FL280 yet?

You should never leave your device during critical times of flight


The higher airplanes climb, the thinner the air gets (more efficient - less resistance). So as you were climbing, your “speed limit” decreases (less work on engines). That’s what happened in your case.

During the critical stages of flight (takeoff-climb, descent-touchdown) you should remain at your device and monitor its movements


I have never had this issue and i have been flying IF for years. This was the first it has ever happened.


This was most likely not caused due to the speed. 310kts is fine in the 777.
However, based on the description of the incident… your climb was probably too steep, which cause you to stall > Crash > Overspeed and get those violations.


I had my rate of climb set to 2000

Which could actually be to steep for the 777 at that weight…

Hmmm are you sure you had set your altitude because there are moments where I think I set my altitude and I forget and I just keep on climbing which causes the aircraft to stall. But also as Seb said above it can be too steep of a climb at the weight you were at


I fill it full of fuel and leave the rest at what its been as a default. And have never had an issue.

Actually Seb,
The B77L at >MLW (600,000lbs) cruising at 31,000ft @ 310knts (M 0.91) with 15-20 knts of wind is a tad too fast and will result in you receiving quite the load of violations.

No, 310 knts is about Mach 0.84, which is fine.

Additionally, the AP changes to mach once it hits FL280 and doesn’t look at air speed ;)

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Yes lol, I’ve set ap to 320 knts before and been fine.

Now you’re just making assumptions based on unknown facts.

@Will_Ford_Jr - from where did you depart and when did this happen?