B777 Fuel!

How come when I packed 100% fuel, with 0 passengers and cargo yet I still am unable to complete a full 16 hour flight from Africa to Atlanta??

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Whats your cruise speed and cruise altitiude?

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The ete to dest is showing red because I apparently don’t have enough fuel

It is FL340, M.84

Did you step climb, or just go straight up to FL340?

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As you continue to fly you burn fuel making your aircraft lighter which reduces engine stress or power being applied. This will help be more fuel efficient along the flight.


Yes, very important to step climb

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I did step climb

I had this problem once before when I did Project sunrise and it didn’t help

Where about are you? I can look on LiveFlight.

Well maybe in that case you actually couldn’t of made it. It definitely helps though when your lighter after you burn fuel to be more fuel efficient.

Idk somewhere heading north west out of johanasburg


Found you.

Yea ES check the SS ^^

You just started the flight. You are very heavy still since you haven’t traveled for too long. Again as you fly on you’ll become more light which will help with the fuel situation.

Ok, I will check in the morning

I’ve been able to make 18-19 hour flights from WMKK-KJFK non stop, so this flight should be a piece of cake. The 777 is very efficient later on in the flight, and it is there where it makes up for the increased fuel burn from earlier.


I did RNO-CPT an 18hr flight with 205pax and almost full fuel and made it with fuel to spare that seems weird


You should be fine. Fuel flow goes from 7500 to 4500 lol

BTW, according to some of my tests, 320 is likely gonna be more efficient for you rn, climb to 34 and 36 later.

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