B777 Fuel Capacity Issue

Im confused about the fact that in IF Game the B777-300 ER has more fuel duration (19 hours) than B777-200 LR (18 Hours), i thought B777-200 LR supposed to have longer flight duration than B777-300 ER. are these fuel capacity of these aircrafts according to real life or not ?

These fuel capacities are rough estimates, they do not take into account cargo, pax, or anything else.
It is highly possible it is just a mistake in the interface.

The ranges greatly depend on the load factors.

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I’ve flown both of them with full capacity and the result their longest flight durations are 19 hours and 18 hours

im totally hoping they were right because im having argument with 777 pilot in youtube about that tho or this will be my biggest dissapointment to IF

try flying them both without anything but full fuel, see what happens

777 seem to have high fuel burn at cruise i have to push 97% power at cruise (low at 30,000 feet)

with 787 its much better with 70-75% power at cruise

how can you know that ? Im afraid those percentages are actually the fuel capacities

whats the different ? if that makes B777 20 LR have longer flight duration than B777 300 ER then there must be a problem

@Matthew_Harrison meant the n1 power that u see above the throttle that is the amount of thrust u need, with higher thrust equals higher fuel burn


And there’s your issue.

Your question has been answered. Number of passengers, amount of fuel, etc, all play into how far an aircraft flies. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Lets clear this up. The fuel burn figure you see is static and doesnt account for wind and weight (the two greatest factors in flight duration.

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oh actually it depends on the load, full load capacity will have around 77% engine thrust on 32.000 feet actually while cruising (in IF game)

what im asking is actually about the fuel duration statics between IF game and real life tho.

Those statistics are just general with 0 winds and no passengers or cargo inside and when the aircraft is at cruise. That is control fuel burn but it changes when you change the weight, weather, and altitude. The flight duration is just calculated of that static fuel burn value.

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Then it means IF game has mistaken the flight duration statics of both aircrafts then ? please correct them immediately then because im dissapointed for trusting 100% IF now

It is perfectly correct, however, it is in sterile conditions. If you add or change those parameters you can extend or shorten the range and airborne time.

True but control is what I would assume is baseline without any changes to the basic model. So the equivalwnt to your sterile. Just a matter of words


So, are you saying that without winds, passengers and cargo but full tanks inside the 777 300ER have longer flight duration than 777 200LR ?

i guessed so, no word. Fix the fuel problem to avoid bad education to the other pilots