B777 Favourite Liveries

77W: Kuwait Airways HAH Obviously
77L: Air Canada
772: British Airways
77F: Probably Qatari Cargo

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Indeed. The Kuwaiti region was kept in the dark for so long. Now I just want liveries like the Maldivian Airlines to represent Maldives! Maldives is barely recognised… The Airport’s aren’t also updated. The main Airport was upgraded in 2018 but the old Airport is in IF. Hopefully they’ll update it! Also looking forward in the b757!!!


B772: Austrian Airlines
B77L: Crystal Luxury Air
B77W: KLM Orange Pride and EgyptAir
B77F: Lufthansa Cargo

★B77W - Air NewZealand (All Black Livery)
★B772 - American (OneWorld Livery)
★B77L - Air India
★B77F - Saudia Cargo

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B77W: Swiss 🇨🇭

B772: American One World 🇺🇸

B77L: Delta (Spirit of Atlanta) 🇺🇸

B77F: Aerologic 🇩🇪

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