B777 Engine Spiral

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So as I have been flying the B777 for a long time already and still haven’t seen any change on it I figured that I should bring this up. So I am unsure if this is happening with anyone else but if you fly the B777 (Any 777) and zoom into the engine you would see that the spiral bit is glitching. Is there any way to fix this? Or is there something wrong with my device??


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Is it before or after you turn the engine on?

Before the engine has started.

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Very strange. I haven’t heard any reports about this. How is the spiral glitching? Could you get a screenshot or a video?

I see what you are referring to. This is a minor issue due to the level of detail when the engine is at rest and then moving. I will make a note of it.


I got it also tried to upload video but it kept failing

You can see it flicker right before it starts moving. I will bring it up, thanks for the report.

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Thanks for your help!

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