B777 Engine spiral issue

So since the B777 rework Update I’ve got an issue with the spiral inside the Engine of the B777. This is a picture of the spiral a few months ago. (before the B787 Update) [Graphic settings High/Very High]

And now it looks like this on [Graphic settings High/VeryHigh]

It’s grey…, but it should be white.


Yeah I noticed that as well…

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The color is caused to the shading of the texture because normally it would be a grey unless in direct sunlight.

Noticed this too… but meh. It’s not that big.

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The darkening happens even in real life depending on the conditions.


But it’s always white on the B777 in real life

Not when it’s out of the sunlight. The specular map that was added in the update is causing this because that part is recessed, and expected to be in the shade more often than not.

To complete what @Ryan_Vince said…


Picture from the internet.


Tbh it’s not that big of a bug and I gave noticed this on the 787 too, but it definitely looks a lot better and cooler IMO when we can see the spiral in all lighting conditions. The brighter white spiral just looks better. But this is all my opinion


Yeah it should be white …

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