B777 Engine sizes


The 777 is one of my favourite to fly on I’ve often wondered are the B77L engines bigger than the B77W’s. I know the 777 is known for its large GE90 engines but I’m wondering which aircraft variant has the bigger engine and why.


the 777-200LR is the aircraft that flies the longer routes. ( LR meaning Longer range) so i think thats why the engines are bigger because they fly further


Why is this in RWA if this is an IF picture


It depends on the engine manufacturer.

The GE 90-76B,85B,90B and 115’s are all the same dimensions if I recall correctly. The Trent 895’s are different obviously as they are from Roll Royce and utilise the RR triple shaft core.

There is not really any physical difference between the L and the W, the primary difference is in the fuel tank capacities. Early 777’s had a split centre tank, later aircraft came with a combined single centre tank with associated different capacities. 94,300Kg, 137,500Kg and the 300 series 145,500 kg.

They probably look different as the hull length change makes the engine ‘relative’ size change.


Did you zoom out in on the 1st screenshot?

Yes, there are large physical differences. The W is about 33 feet longer than the L, the L has a tail that is about a foot taller than the W, and the W has a larger cargo hold. I would say those are pretty large.

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Sigh… In accordance with the title of the thread I meant engine sizes.


Well, I do like Rolls Royce because they are owned by BMW and BMW owns Mini and I drive a Mini, but GE has their huge engines and I do like it big, if you know what I mean, so I agree with what @Liam_purcell said

The 115B1 and 110B1 are the largest while the 85B, 94B are slightly smaller in diameter at about 4 feet(correct me if I am wrong).
The RR Trent 800 and pw4070 engines are smaller than the GE90 family


I have to be honest I’ve never really noticed. There is a step power output to the 110 and the 115 so I wouldn’t surprise me. I’ll ask one of our engineers as I’m flying a GE-90B this evening.

It’s not something I’ve really looked at.

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You are indeed correct:

GE 110-115:

The fan is an advanced, larger diameter unit made from composite materials and is the first production engine to feature swept rotor blades

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The 777-300ER has bigger engines. The 777-200LR can use the GE90-94B, slightly smaller in diameter. In the photos you sent, looks like there is a huge difference in size but it is more a mix of zoom in/out (comparing both photos) and some optical illusion, like the picture below



Because applys to both

Rolls Royce motor cars is a separate company to Rolls Royce Holdings which makes aircraft engines.

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Ha, no. Does Rolls-Royce not own it’s other companies?

I’ve heard the engines are taller than a truck, am I correct?

It does except from Rolls Royce Motorcars, before BMW owned it there wasn’t much success hence why they no longer have it.

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Yes and there slightly bigger then the 737 cabin


The LR is a whole cabin smaller than the ER. However it is more ideal for long haul flights and can withstand wind/turbulence more. Also the cabin configuration on the LR is mainly 3-3-3 where as on the ER its mainly 3-4-3 Qatar’s ER is the only exception I know of that has 3-3-3 but I heard couple months ago they also switched to 3-4-3. So if your a passenger a LR has much more space for you than an ER. In terms of engine the ER is undoubtably better.

If I remember correctly the 77L and the 77W both have the same engine but the LR is derated (110b) and the ER has the more powerful engine (115b).
Essentially they’re the same engine but with a power bump on the ER.