B777-300ER trouble

I just have question for B777-300ER. When I’m using this aircraft and when I set crusing altitude 300FL and whenever aircraft reaches that FL, the aircraft going up and down and it doesn’t stay what I set for ALT. But when I set ATL little bit higher and set VS for 0, aircraft doesn’t go up and down. Some people says I put too much weight on it but I was flying about 222,500Kg. Is there any way to solve this problem ?


Try lowering your VS between 300-500fpm for the last 1000feet of your climb to altitude level
I’ve found sometimes if your vs is to sharp it levels off to quickly and then overcompensates with a negative pitch, then tries to correct the altitude loss with a positive pitch, hence the bobbing up and down


This is a confirmed bug, I also experience this. To solve: disable the ALT feature and set VS to 0 when you reach your desired altitude. Sadly, this happens on all aircraft in IF for me now, but that fix works.


As a very avid 777-300ER flyer, I’ll share my experience in short.

After have spent more than 2000hrs on this aircraft, I can say that weight does in fact do a difference in whether the plane will bounce up and down. But then again, if I remember correctly, Schyllberg along with another Staff member, if it wasn’t Danman, I think, which they together tries to reproduce the issue and were able to.

The issue is from what I know well known by the Devs and there are multiple support topic about this particular problem. I can say that I’ve also faced it among my thousands of hours flying the 777-300ER. And other than what @Yacht said, which is fix that works, you may sometimes be lucky and not face the issue at all even when you’re heavy and a fairly high altitude to begin with. Sometime and some people are just extra lucky being able to get up a 777-300ER to FL350 maybe right away and be there with not much issue.

I’ve flown major Long Hauls ranging from 10hrs to 17hrs withe 300ER and sometimes I’ve had a flight that is problem free and other times I do have noticed that putting a less heavy weight sometimes works. Or if you try to start flying at FL290 during a ULH and then step climb after flying for several hours. I’ll that this issue is a bit random and may pop up whenever it pleases. As I’ve climbed up to FL380 before for a 6h flight and nothing happened, all went fine. The plane well above MLW too.


I though weight and FL doesn’t much correctly but when I tried less weight, short distence (Like 300nm flight with FL300) and then it’s start going up and down so. I hope they will fix that. For sure there are many people have trouble with it besides me. B77W is such a nice aircraft tho. Btw B77L doesn’t do anything like what I said!

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From my own experience, the 200ER/LR and the Freighter variant doesn’t seem to have the same issue as the 300ER has.

Sometimes you may not have the issues with the 300ER and sometimes you may. Some people has it very rarely and others more often. I usually encounter this very rarely but it does happen to me as well.

The issue hopefully will be fixed in a future rework of the 777.

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I haven’t had troubles with the 777. From my flying I usually control the trottle until I hit my cruise. My climb is usually 2500, but 200ft before cruise I reduce it to 100 so I climb slower.

or I yoik the throttle when I am bored and just climb like a madman. Kids never do that lol except casual

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It happens on the jets as well it’s worst on the f16 trust me 😂😂 a320s 777s Jets they are all bobble heads

The main problem is that your cruising altitude is too low and there is too much atmospheric pressure at FL300 so cruise higher

I think crusing too low doesn’t matter for this problem. Because even I’m crusing FL320 or FL360, it does same thing. Btw B77L and B77F doesn’t do this things no matter if I’m flying FL300 or higher.

I have this problem with all aircraft

This is what everyone should be doing anyway to control nominal and realistic thrust/N1. Autopilot climb on here will have you at like 115% N1 during climbs, wasting fuel, and having a totally unrealistic climb rate (not to mention, irl youd be tearing up multi million dollar engines.
Long story short: You shouldnt be at cruise altitude 30nm out from your takeoff unlike some I’ve seen… lol. Leave the unrestricted climbs to those with afterburners, not heavies with turbofans 😂

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Only 777 300ER and A321, not all plane

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Nope, for me the trouble is for all planes in IF.

Just to make this clear, about what the current situation is like for most people:

It is known since earlier that both the A321 and 777-300ER has some issues where it pitch up and down by quite a lot, many and so far I know only for the A321, where that plane would even stall. The issue has not been fixed yet, unfortunately, but the Developers are aware and hopefully will be able to find a fix in the future, although unknown when that may happen.

Today, from what it looks like, according to the posts above is that, some are experiencing this pitching up and down issue on one aircraft only, while others on a few and lastly some on all of them.

The most common one being the A321 known very well to have this problem since long ago and the B77W which also is a some what trouble maker.

There are also those who have no problems whatsoever ever with these two planes: A321 and B77W or any aircraft in general actually. I personally have never had any issues with the plane bouncing up and down on the A321 or any of the other planes in general except for the 777-300ER where I’ve very rarely, encountered the plane bop up and down by 100-200ft. And during those times, descending may help a little but not much and for some not at all.

I know I’m late to the convo honestly but:

The 77W seems to be a newer issue… I have had problems with the A321 doing this many many times, but personally, it only happens when I fly a certain livery, for me it’s the AA A321.

We hope the bug can be fixed soon, it caused me to get over speeding violations as I walked away once at cruising, then I come back & I was overspeeding & at 8,000 feet, just minutes after I had leveled off at FL360.

Very annoying, but as you stated, setting the VS to 0 seems to be the for sure solution as of now, despite how it annoys me personally because my OCD wants the ALT to read 37,000 and be lit up orange.

Until then, happy flying :)

If there’s issues with all planes doing this in IF, it may be your device itself, because I’m unsure I that’s the case for anybody else. Try deleting the app, restarting your device, then reinstalling.

Restarting like this seems to solve many problems, especially with phones.

Also, for questions involving things like this, refer to the support section👍🏻

Not that it will make a huge difference, but I notice higher ups like checking that more, so I’d put it there since that’s what you’re also requesting :)

Trust me, I’ve done that. On some aircraft, the bobbing is larger than in others. They all just can’t have a stable cruise with ALT enabled. Thankfully, as I described above, that fix works, but your aircraft might drift 15 feet up or down during the course of the flight due to winds.

Had the same issue a while back but I was unaware it is still going on now. So first question I have is are you going too slow? At that altitude a proper cruising speed for a B777 or any B777 should Mach 0.84 and going slower than that might make the plane go up and down to the lack of speed that is required to keep the plane in the air. Otherwise, if you are saying you were on Mach 0.84 then there is a big chance it would be a bug or something.

Hope this helps!