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The B777-300 ER is a very pleasant aircraft to pilot but for which I meet every time of big difficulties to maneuver at the time of beginning the descent so that in my last flight it ended badly 2 violations and a crash.
My problem is to find good windows and altitudes without it rotates by making pendulum movements to the limit of stall.

Each time I try to reach 200 km / h with an altitude of 10,000 feet without it rears and is in the stall position but each time it is a failure.

As much with the A330 or the A340 or the A380 I have no apprefmhension so much with the two boeing that I use the 777 especially and the 787 is scary.

What should be done ?

Thanks for your precious advice.

Le B777-300 ER est un avion très agréable à piloter mais pour lequel je rencontre a chaque fois de grosse difficultés à manœuvrer au moment de commencer la descente si bien que dans mon dernier vol ça a mal fini 2 violations et un crash.
Mon problème c’est de trouver les bonnes vitrsses et altitudes sans que celui ci se cabre en faisant des mouvements de balancier allant à la limite du décrochage.

A chaque fois j’essaye d’atteindre les 200 km/'h avec une altitude de 10 000 pieds sans que celui ci se cabre et soit en position de décrochage mais a chaque fois c’est un échec.

Autant avec l’A330 ou l’A340 ou le A380 je n’ai pas d’apprefmhension autant avec les deux boeing que j’utilise le 777 surtout et le 787 c’est angoissant.

Que faut il faire ?

Merci pour vos précieux conseils.

Just put this through Google Translate, so from here on our please post in English in accordance with the community guidelines, but are you using any flaps at cruise? Also, how heavy are you at cruise?

no I do not use any flaps in cruising. and I start to put them from 250 km / h

I assume you mean 250kts as that is the unit used in IF. Nevertheless, make sure you are not too heavy too high, and instead use step climbing. See here:

The Max alt for a 777 is FL400 and cruise speed is Mach 0.84 but I’d never go over FL380 if I’m above 70% load

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Make sure your not climbing too quickly aswell

??? - The service ceiling of the 777 Family is 43,100ft. Please do research before giving these sorts of facts as to not give incorrect information.

The service ceiling yes but the max I’ve ever seen and one of my friends’ dads is a 777 pilot for Qatar and he’s even said he’s never gone above FL400 I didn’t word that correct but don’t tell me what to do 😂

That might be true, but 777s don’t typically cruise at their service ceiling, so it makes sense that your friend’s dad hasn’t gone above FL400. Many 777s cruise from anywhere between 350 and 410.

Never seen one above Fl400 where in the world have you seen Fl410???

The majority are between FL330 and 380

I’ve never seen one personally, but I have heard some reports of them cruising as high as 410.

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I’ll take your word, I’d say it must’ve been light

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Btw ive seen you like everywhere on IFC 😂

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I’ve flown a DEL-DXB 77W at 420…

we can’t just simply track every flight of every single 777 lol

Japan Airlines 772 GMP to HND gets up to FL410

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