B777-200ER Speed Tips

Hey Everyone!

I need to know when to decend when using the B777-200! Because I’ve always have issues when I use it!


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For anywhere in the FL300-FL400 region, 150nm out is a good place to start descent. Luckily with 20.1 there is VNAV which calculates your descent V/S for you.

So with VNAV do I still have to control my speed?

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Yes, you still have to monitor and control your speed with VNAV.

VNAV is only a tool to control your descent

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So the VNAV would then adjust the rate of descent based on the new speed, wouldn’t it?!

Yes, thats correct. it would

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You can use sim brief it show what altitude to be at each waypoint and what speed to be at each way point

One more thing…

Will VNAV decend early for the B777-200?

If VNAV is causing you to gain speed with idle throttle, use your spoilers. VNAV apparently uses a 2 degree slope instead of 3 unless there is not enough distance.

So should I decend early?

Sorry for the questions! I’m just nervous about getting violations!

Always use spoilers during descent and monitor your airspeed. Take manual control to slow your descent if needed. You could even set your speed to something low just before descending so when it increases, it’s not too fast.

So should I just manually decend then?

No, simply monitor your speed. Use spoilers and if needed then take manual intervention. The only way you get vios is by not paying attention,

I usually do flight level divided by 1000 times 5.

(FL/1000) x 5

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