B777-200ER Hard to Control

Is it me o the B772ER is hard to take off and control, When I take off I literally have to tilt my device all the way down cuz it won’t come off the ground.

Any tips?


Maybe your too heavy

For takeoff you don’t use trim?

Yes. I use trim

At what speed do you rotate your device?

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150 to 175kts

What flap setting, trim, and load % are you at?

Yes what flaps

This is for >70% load

Flaps:15 trim:10% Load 76%

Maybe calibrate your device facing lower to the floor.

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I think your flaps may be to low. I’d suggest trying about 5

Try a trim of 15%-20%. Futhermore, make sure you’re below MTW (Max Takeoff Weight). Lastly, make sure you are properly calibrated.

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Also check out this for some extra information on potential profiles. May help you figure out what flaps/speeds to utilize.

Its a very easy plane to control buddy. You must be doing something wrong. Weight and rotation speed is crucial along with flaps and trim.

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I personally use 40% positive trim when taking off with a heavy load and it rotates very nicely with a decent amount of input. Your configuration is fine except one thing - even at MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight), the 772’s highest Vr (the point where you rotate) is 153 knots indicated with a Flaps 15 configuration, so avoid rotating any faster than 153 knots.

If you still feel that you need more “force” (from you tilting the device) to rotate the aircraft, I suggest that you turn up the sensitivity in settings to the High parameter. Hopefully this will help :)

Must be some incorrect set up you have. I actually find it much easier to control and more responsive than the A350, which feels like it needs a lot of movement to get it to bank.

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Check ur sensitivity

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Rotating faster shouldn’t cause the plane to not come off the ground…

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