B777-200ER at Paris CDG

Hi, this is my first video like that.
Please say something about it.
Sorry for bad quality and lags, my device is wooden.
I hope you’ll enjoy
Have a nice watch!


You can post this on the Infinite Flight Youtube thread, no need to make one entirely for this video. :)


Nice landing and cool vid.

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Sure, but I don’t know about that thread. Thanks

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A great video and I believe you did one of my favorite aircraft proud! A quick improvement could be the raising of quality of the app as I saw quite a few jagged edges but all in all great job!

a) please link your suggested post don’t just state it
b) the author clearly spent a long time over this and I believe it warrants its own thread


Thank you so much. In future i’ll make movies like this but i have to invest in better device :)

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But so did all the other people - and they don’t have their own. :/

What was this one done on?

Maybe if you guys want more people on this forum you should stop being so judgemnetal. He just wanted to know what you thought about the video.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Amazing video! If this is your first then I can’t wait to see more, my advice is if you can invest in a better device. Have you tried turning anti-analysing on? It smooths out the textures a lot more. Keep them coming!


Beautiful approach and touchdown

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Great work my friend. I used to have videos like that were it would lag. But my only question. What device are you running?

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I’m playing on Huawei Y5II

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