B777-200 Speed Question

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if the Developers fixed the speed issue with the B777-200!


What speed issues?

Like when decending!

The B777 is an efficient aircraft or ‘slippery’ this is why you must plan your descent better. This is not an issue.

The B772 should be similar to the previous version, I haven’t noticed it being any different.

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Yeah but did they fix it at all?

What is there to fix exactly?

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Nothing to fix the 777 is a speed demon.

Like when your decending and your speed keeps going up when your trying to slow down!

If you are referring to the previous version of the 777-200ER model, the aircraft is reworked. The physics of the new aircraft is different to the older model. This means that the speeding issue should be fixed on your side.

the 777 is a fast boi. Dont be surprised at how hard it is to control your speed if you didnt plan your descent properly.

Do you mean where the spoilers act like they are there for decoration?

Use speed-brakes.

You simply need to use spoilers while descending and plan better. There has never been an issue with the aircraft. We have real pilots of the B777 who have advised on this.


Again, there’s nothing to fix
Best thing you can do is reduce vs and deploy spoilers

Just start your descent 30 nm before you usually start the descent. The A350 descends quick too when engine power on 5% at 12,000 with a vs of 2,000 fpm I found out. So I gave myself more room and descend 20-40 nm before I normally would to check and adjust everything.

This is a slippery aircraft to fly, takes a while to slow down as it does in real life. Proper planning is required.