B773 showing incorrect fuel amount

Alright this is my first topic here I am doing a long haul in a B773 and out 19 hours of fuel but is is shouting we that there is 10 hours left of fuel and the flight needs 12 hours

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Well, we need some info:

Climb rate?
Cruising altitude (Currently)?
Weight (percentage)?

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Tried to do a flight from KLAX-LSZH and i put 14 hours of fuel. it still have a “red” fuel remaining in hours and minutes.

I guess its a known issue and gonna get fixed in 20.2.

It’s not a known issue, since it’s not an issue.
The colour is based on CURRENT fuel consumption. Which is at it’s highest during the initial parts of the flight. As you continue along, your consumption will decrease thus making the flight possible.

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The current altitude is FL350
And speed is M0.85

FL330 would be more ideal…and you really do not need 19 hours of fuel on a 12 hour-flight.

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Well I wasn’t sure on the flight time so I had to put lots of fuel

I would dump some fuel…not below MLW of course, but just 2-4 hours extra of your ETA.

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When I put the fuel in I put just the right amount to be MLW

And I went down to FL330

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Thanks it worked now

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