B772 VNAV Problem

Dear guys , Today I was flying from KEWR to KMCO with the B772 , but unfortunately the flight wasn’t as I expected, because when I decided to put an altitude in the autopilot VNAV . The game crashed and it’s not the first time that I’m facing this issue . Please help me with your advises or look for a solution. I’m over .😪


This is a known issue that they’re trying to fix. It’s a bummer but you’re just going to have to wait.

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The game crashed after putting the altitudes in the flight plan . The main problem is coming from the B772 I think .

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Hey Hamza! Do you use an Android device? This is a known Android issue and is being looked into. It is not caused by the 772 but rather the action of inputting altitudes into your FPL. For more information look here:

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It’s a problem with changing the altitude/waypoints on a flight plan. And like @lucaviness it’s only happening on Android devices.

Yes Samsung Galaxy S20 plus . Snapdragon version .

Exactly sir .

As @yoshi_flyer said. It’s a known issue on android. Try to put in altitudes before takeoff and double check it.

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My friend is using an IPad Pro 2020 and he is facing the same problem.

Thanks for your reply guys.

hmmm now that’s odd.

That’s strange. I’d recommend he create his own support topic with all of his device specifications, etc. That way, we can help you guys separately because you are on different devices and the issues may or may not be linked.

Okay but the important it’s my problem. 😅

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This seems to be the main topic about this issue. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do. If there’s news about a fix it’ll probably be here.

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Yes a lot of users are facing this issue unfortunately.

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Yeah, it happened to me too!

Yes Sir I’m over sincerely.

Altitude Inputs causing crash Continue here. This is a known issue impacting some android devices.