B772 Texture

Hey guys!
Above we have a comparison of the same aircraft with the same livery. The brightest livery, with the darkest and most vivid blue is the original livery that we received as soon as the B772 was released. The clearest, lifeless livery is the livery we were given after the B772 update had been released. Why was there so much quality loss in the texture of the B772? Varig is just an example. All B772s were affected by this.

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(PLEASE TAKE THIS EXPLANATION WITH A GRAIN OF SALT) I think they lowered the texture quality because liverys requires lots of layers of textures and it takes lots to band with, it’s not just on the B772 but maybe all aircraft.

(Anyone Correct me if I’m wrong)


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The pre-reworked 777 used a different texture rendering than we do now. This results in slightly different colours some times. It’s a pain point for us as well, since our artists are using the correct colours but there’s cases where it’s misrepresented in-app. (Sorry @AV-Booney, not quite as you explained)
There will be general improvements to this in future updates (related to Project Metal).


Perfectly understandable.
Are these future updates aimed at fixing this issue only in future textures or also in the ones already in the app?

It should apply to the ones already in the app :)