B772 - Infinite Flight (Parallel Landing)

This evening I flew from LPFR 🇫🇷 to KLAS 🇺🇲 in a Boeing 777 - 200 ER (Infinite Flight Livery)

Flight Details

Time: 9 hours
Expert Server

It’s beautiful tail 😍

One of my favourite livery ♥️

Parallel Final Approach

Parallel Landing

Parallel Touchdown

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Thank you, much love & peace ✌️♥️


Lovely photos!that tail one tho✌

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Exactly 👌… thank you @Nersig_Zerentsian

Np,looking forward to the next ones!

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The cockpit windows are so realistic in the last picture! It’s crazy that depending on the angle they are more or less realistic…

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Thank you soo much @Johanes appreciate your comment!!
It looks absolutely realistic in this livery & thats why its my favourite one…

Lovely shots mate!

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Thanks mate!! @Qantas094 😊

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Love those shots especially the parallel one gave me a KSFO vibe there and I loved the sunset shot as well

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Thank you soo much!! @J2S
But yeah its not as good as KSFO parallel landings…

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Thank you everyone for liking the post!! ❤️