B772 Engine Spiral Problem

Hey there IFC!

Recently after the 22.1 update, the B772’s engine spiral seemed to have vanished. It happened to me twice on the Rolls Royce 895 engine variant. I’m not sure about the others.

It freaked me out a bit 😂


Hey there, I’ve not been able to reproduce this issue on the B772, and specifically with the Rolls Royce powered B777-200ERs as well. Could you please provide some additional information such as your device model, the operating system, as well as your graphics settings? We would greatly appreciate this as it would help us determine what issues you may be encountering.

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What?!? Thafts weird sadly i cant help

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Hey there.

It happened to me after selecting short final, my device model is the iPad Pro 2021 version and my graphic settings are all to high. I’m not entirely sure if it was a glitch because it’s not happening again. No idea what it was.

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Oftentimes, erroneous glitches like these can be resolved with a simple app restart. As you’ve mentioned that you are no longer experiencing these issues, I am leaning towards this just being a weird one-off issue.

Yeah probably. I think the app restart did it. Thank you :)